Christmas Ponies

What began with taking scraps of fabric and transforming them into little equines has grown into something a little more…and I have been honored to play a role. My children and I used to work hard to create little ponies that people ordered for Christmas presents. At that time, we called our labours of love, Christmas Ponies, and my kids were willing to spend hours helping them come to life.

There is something magical about ponies, something magical about horses and I believe that magic also transforms itself into the fabric steeds I now commonly call Newfoundland or Patchwork Ponies. Sometimes, they are representations of real life animals who became members of people’s families. Sometimes, they carry colors that instill memories or images and symbols that reveal values and pride. Sometimes tiny pieces are sewn carefully together before any one piece can be put on the frame, transforming the silhouette of pony into a quiltlike piece of art.

It is really nice to put your time and creativity into something that is received with so much love. The excitement comes back to me as my customers send photos once they open their packages. I grew up with horses. They bring a source of peace with their presence that is inexplicable, impossible to sum up in a few words. My Christmas, Newfoundland and Patchwork Ponies somehow hold a tiny portion of that power, that horse folk understand. I wanted to thank everyone who has wonderfully received my little fabric horses with joy and been so kind to share their joy back with me and my children.

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